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Shortly, before the year is over, I will at least post one last post for 2010 resuming my great and turbulent experiences of 2010.

The last months might have been one of the most exciting ones ever. I got to know so many great people from all over the world, I finished my studies and already entered the labor market and found a job. The cities Madrid, Berlin and Munich give kind of a hometown-feeling due to great people, moments and experiences.

But to give some more information, I'll try to point out my personal highlights of 2010 in the upcoming lines:


January started with a big BOOM in Sol in Madrid with Guido and some other friends. After having spent some months already in Madrid, it was great to have a good friend like him with me to share this moment as well as to have the opportunity to share also the moments, I was able to enjoy beforehands. Still, I consider Madrid as a tremendous thing, maybe the most meaningful thing I've done so far. The time over there influenced me and my life in big ways. Getting to know so many great people opened my sights in various directions. Being afraid to forget somebody, I will just concentrate on the most important one, I got to know in the end of my Erasmus adventure: David. I do not want to loose more words than: muchisimas gracias por haberte conocido! I think everybody who knows me, knows what I am talking about.


The time of my life ended in February and with entering the airplane back to Stuttgart. An unforgetable month in Madrid with my friends and David also ended. The new chapter started... a chapter I wasn't happy about at all. Coming back to my hometown, living with my parents under one roof after having lived on my own for 1,5 years back then, ... but the worst thing was: being the only one coming back and not having any friends left over there.


The last chapter of my studies started: my thesis. Working in the consultancy of my professor, I had to write the thesis within the next months. Every once in a while, it wasn't funny at all and I had big doubts, if I was doing the right thing. But I kept on struggling and did it. More to come afterwards.

Besides that, David came for the first time to my hometown to bring me back some good vibes and maybe also some spanish "(fl)air".


In April I went to Berlin for the fist time in 2011 to spend easter with David and some of my friends over there. It was great to see them after such a long time without having been there.

In the end of April, and the beginning of...


I went to Madrid. The first time after having left in February. I was given a overwhelming surprise party by David with all of my and his/our friends. It must have been the biggest surprise ever. Again: thanks to everybody for doing that pleasure to me.

My birthday weekend was quite stressful, but in the end it was worth it. And that's, what counts. So we (David and me again) headed over to Stuttgart to have a barbecue with my closest friends. The next day we were invited to a wedding of a friend of mine from school. The 23rd finally was my 25th birthday and I was happy to celebrate it with many of my friends.


In June Summer already was ongoing and I've spent my weekends

- being on a sports competition,

- meeting friends in munich and

- seeing a great new establishment for old cars.


The world masters of 2010 in soccer didn't mean that much to me, as you should already have guessed. But it was fun, being involved in a match between Germany and Spain - having David next to me [Spain won].

Another very important thing for me was, that the 31st of July was my last day in th office. So I was off from work to be able to totally concentrate to finish me thesis.


Berlin calling was the theme of the eighth month and great, that I followed. So I was able to see some good old friends again and also get to know some new ones. Besides the amusement, I was writing the last lines of my thesis.


In September, I finally started my trip to see Wiebke, who I got to know during my Erasmus in Madrid. It was quite funny to finally see her again. Besides Wiebke, I could manage to see some more friends, that live on the way to her. So it was a nice tour seeing and meeting (new) friends and cities.


The famous Oktoberfest was a good opportunity for the ancient Erasmus students of the HNU. So they built up a get togehter and although I wasn't one of "them", I felt more than welcomed with my spanish friend Elena and here "gang". So we went together to the Oktoberfest, where I met some more friends. It was a blast.

Furthermore, I headed over to Madrid for a whole month, as I finally handed in my thesis and therefore finished my studies. It was a really untrue feeling to recognize, that this drama was finally over. Withoug even knowing in the end, if this was the right thing to study throughout the years. But I succeeded somehow.

Talking about my month in Madrid, I have to say two things: it was too short AND it was too short. Being back for more than just a couple of days felt incredibly long at first, but too short in the end. I got to know many new lovel people again and also wanted to spend some time with my friends over there. But in the end I couldn't manage to see all of them or let me say see them as much as I wanted to. But this is just another reason, why I have to go there pretty soon again. ;)


I left Madrid on the 10th to be back in Germany for a 80th birthday and a job interview. From that time on, the time flew by pretty fast. In the end of the month, I was told that i got the job and from the beginning of...


I was employed as Junior Contact person for Media Markt Spanien. I had to search a flat and I guess, i found a nice little castle for myself. No need to share it again - except my friends, that are welcome anytime.

So... this seems to be my personal flashback 2010 in words. Some already might have seen the vid, but I'd like to post it again, to have it completely. Although... there is still one thing missing... the flashback concerning songs and music... But I think, I cannot do it. Sorry folks. I hope you enjoyed travelling through my year by reading the lines and watching the pics.

I would love to spend as much nice moments in 2011 as I did in 2010 with you guys. Let's get together and work on it. Cheers!