S-Bahn experiences.

Being back in Munich is really great. It feels like coming back "home" on the one hand and discovering new things and getting used to them on the other hand.

One difference to the last months is the use of public transport. As I still don't have my little yellow baby with me, I am totally dependent of public transport here. As I am spending almost 2 hours using the public transport every day on my way to work, you see all kind of people: Weirdos, nice ones, ugly ones, regular ones and even those you don't see - although they are obviously there.

And then there is one thing, I totally cannot understand: in the rush hour, when there is almost no place left to get your ass in the metro, then there are these young mothers. With their babies. In the biggest buggies you can imagine. But there is not only one of them. There are 2. Or 3. Maybe heading home from gymnastics with their babies. Or some random beauty session for the new born kids. But let me make my point: the metro is fully packed, the mothers are standing outside as part of a gang, that cannot be split up for the 5min-ride. So the metro stops, the doors open and they are pushing. Pushing. And more pushing. With all the power that is left after having given life to their kids. And you are there. In the corner. Being surrounded by the buggies of the gang. And the only thought that is left in that special moment is: "Hopefully are they stepping off the metro at the same station as I do!"*

*I don’t want young mothers to feel offended