FRIENDS. A word that seems to be so simple and is often used in an inflationary way. Everybody is talking about them, everybody wants them. Everybody has them. At least I do hope so.

But the question is: who is your friend? Who are your friends? The ones, you go out with from time to time? The ones, you have a chat every once in a while? The ones you see every day to share every day's moments? Or the ones, you share the very special ones, even if they are not with you? The ones, you can rely on for 100%? The ones, you can cry with and just be yourself? Or is it even the one? No plural, but just that one special person?

I think everybody has to decide on his own, whom he'd like to consider as a friend. I am pretty happy to be able to say: I have some friends I can rely on for 100%. That I can talk to about anything. Share every moment: the special ones as well as the daily live. Friends that are close or don't live around the corner. But you know, even if you just talk to them twice a year and see them even less: they are there. For you, for me. For us.

Thanks a lot therefor guys.


Strange moody days.

It's been quite quiet the last weeks on here. But it seems as if it just reflects my private life these days... As my daily life at work turned out to be quite busy lately, I am trying to keep private things easy and simple, focusing on taking a time-out for myself to be able to think about various things and of course on spending time with close friends instead of adventure, party and stuff. And I have to admit, I really like it. Enjoying good moments with great people seems to be the best option these days. In combination with good music it even gets better.

Today I also took some new pictures. I would like to have some more time left to concentrate on that in order to improve my knowledge on photography. But as time is little, I didn't do it that much. But I hope, with the beginning of spring, the outcoming sun and blue sky, I get some more motivation to go out with my camera to document the birth of nature in spring. :-)

Besides all that, it also really became clear, that it's neccessary for me to go back to Madrid for some days. I miss the mood of the city and - of course - my friends over there. So I am thinking about going there in the end of April. Let's see if I can manage it somehow. Would be great.

To end this thing up, I'd like to post a song I am listening to over and over again. It's just great.